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Peak Oil News and Information.
Life After The Oil Crash .net

Oil will not just "run out" because all oil production follows a bell curve. This is true whether we are talking about an individual field, a country, or on the planet as a whole. [ more ]
Energy Bulletin .net

EnergyBulletin.net is a clearinghouse for information regarding the peak in global energy supply. We welcome original content, and we especially invite industry insiders, independent researchers, journalists, specialists and activists to submit their insights relevant to these issues. [ more ]
The Daily Reckoning .com.au

The Daily Reckoning offers an independent and critical perspective on the Australian and global investment markets. We do not propose to tell you what the news is. You can find that out anywhere for free. Instead, we try and tell you what news is worth paying attention to and what it might mean for your money. [ more ]
Hubbert Peak Theory [ wikipedia.org ]
The Hubbert peak theory posits that for any given geographical area, from an individual oil-producing region to the planet as a whole, the rate of petroleum production tends to follow a bell-shaped curve. It is one of the primary theories on peak oil. [ more ]
The Daily Reckoning .com
The Daily Reckoning offers a "uniquely refreshing" perspective on the global economy, investing and the ability to live well in uncertain times. Learn what you can expect from today's markets -- and how to prosper in the face of uncertainty. [ more ]
Energy Crisis [ wikipedia.org ]
An energy crisis is any great bottleneck (or price rise) in the supply of energy resources to an economy. It usually refers to the shortage of oil and additionally to electricity or other natural resources. [ more ]
Ainslie Bullion Company
The Ainslie Bullion Company has been established since 1974 and is a pioneer in the Australian precious metals investment market. [ more ]
Oil Crisis [ wikipedia.org ]
Oil crisis may refer to: 1973 oil crisis, 1979 energy crisis, 1990 spike in the price of oil, Energy crisis, Hubbert peak theory, Peak oil, Oil price increases since 2003. [ more ]